Transportation in cities around the world is undergoing great changes.

We are excited to take a bold and innovative part in that.


Introducing City Transformer.

Transforming your experience of moving in the urban space.

Patented Folding Mechanism

Park Everywhere

100% Electric


Design & Innovation
1st place 




The unique platform design allows a simple interfacing with a large variety of our custom designed cabins. This will allow our clients enjoy maneuverability and to easily dominate the cities.


Advanced Head Up Display, connectivity and cloud fleet management capabilities (Using Altair Carriots software), Our car is designed with autonomy in mind and will feature autonomous driving capabilities.


Designing using Altair Simulations softwares, embedding our energy absorbing foldable chassis, having  advanced driver assistance systems and much more, the car is planned to meet the highest safety standards.


On top of the driver’s exclusive ability to easily transform the car’s width, City Transformer features an intuitive, digitalized interface for inside operation, wrapped by a super-convenient ergonomic arrangement.

"A car that adjust its size according to need. This Israeli startup is attempting to make this dream a reality."


We see the future as a shared environment.
Making a better use of resources is both a necessity and an intelligent choice. Collaboration is inevitable.

Delighted to collaborate those sharing our vision.



Happiness is real when shared.

We strongly believe in mobility sharing solution, which provides a convenient and affordable form of an urban transportation.

Thanks to its foldable design, City Transformer saves 75% parking space when parked. This increases the number of cars for a given lot and simplifies dramatically the maintenance and repairing processes.

Small. Smart. Simple.



CT is driven by a mix of Israeli innovation and German automotive tradition. 

Dr. Asaf Formoza

Chief Executive Officer

  • LinkedIn - Grey Circle

Dr. Gideon Goldwine

Chief Technology Officer

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Eyal Cremer

Chief Design Officer

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Prof. Johann H. Tomforde

Executive Consultant
& Design Supervisor

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Udi Meridor

Chief Operating Officer

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Erez Abramov

Automotive Consultant

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Time for some more development work.
2020 has started with a clear direction for us - finalizing Development towards the first CT cars to be produced within a year time.

New CT design is taking a promising direction, as we stay faithful to the core direction that led us so far -
Providing city people with a a good urban ride, a vehicle that will really serve their needs, easily, swiftly, safely.

So, much more interesting news to come soon. stay tuned! 

We are building the mobility platform of the future. ELECTRIC. READY-TO-SHARE. REVOLUTIONARY. Vehicles for cities. Vehicles for people who just want to get from a-to-b.

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