Pre-order is easy.

Be among the pioneers to drive the first smart & electric folding car.

Quick in the city. Stay elegant. Park easily.

Our basic model is currently priced at $10,500.
with an added cost for the battery and tax.

With the constant upgrades in the field of sustainable energy, we will make sure you can enjoy the most energy efficient battery to provide the best possible charging time and distance covered per charge.    

Drive a smart car.

Adjust your car width according to traffic
Enjoy the finest user experience


100% Electric. Save money.
Contribute to a greener planet
Reduce noise and pollutants

Save time. find parking easily.

Park in designated bike’s parking lots

Save up to 75% of parking space

City Transformer is built as an open platform. 

We took into consideration the rapid growth in technology and communications, So you can enjoy the newest upgrades in smart transportation technologies available.
That will guarantee a safer, smarter and less energy consuming car. 

We appreciate your time and thank you for joining us!

We are building the mobility platform of the future. ELECTRIC. READY-TO-SHARE. REVOLUTIONARY. Vehicles for cities. Vehicles for people who just want to get from a-to-b.

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