Where do we plan to produce our cars?

Depending on the demand and regulations.
We are planning to build a local assembly line in Israel and other countries.

What is City Transformer car?

We developed the first ever car that can change its width. The car is also electric and Autonomous in mind.

Using the folding mechanism the car saves up to 75% parking space;
Driving mode – 1.44m width
Parking mode – 1.00m width
Total length – 2.35m

What will be the price of the car?

The basic model of the car will cost approximately 13,000$ before taxes and battery leasing.

When are we planning to start delivering cars to clients?

We plan to start delivering cars at 2021

What is the battery range in CT car?

Driving range is 100-150Km for one charge, 1 Euro of energy cost. Charging time using regular plug is 3-4 hours, using fast charging it's only 15 minutes.

What are the smart systems in CT car?

The car will be equipped with smart personalized systems, that will learn the driver's behavior and will offer cloud fleet management.
We plan to start delivering cars with semi autonomous capabilities embeded.

Is the car suitable for car sharing?

The car is ideal for car sharing due to its small footprint, low energy costs and personalized smart car systems.

We are building the mobility platform of the future. ELECTRIC. READY-TO-SHARE. REVOLUTIONARY. Vehicles for cities. Vehicles for people who just want to get from a-to-b.

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