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About City Transformer


The extinction of full-size cars from cities is near.

After all, cities were built for people, not for big cars that consume more and more public space for highways, lanes and parking, while 85% of them carry only a single person. Maybe it is hard to comprehend cities without big cars, but 130 years ago few could imagine cities without horses, when millions of them still served as the main mean of transportation.

Municipal leaders understand already that the current situation is not sustainable. Many impose restrictions for entering or parking and they plan to push big cars ultimately out. But big cars will not be replaced exclusively by public transportation or by two-wheels micro-mobility measures. Many people don't want to compromise flexibility, independency, safety or comfort. Therefore, four wheels vehicles will continue to be their preferred commuting mean.


The McKinsey Center for Future Mobility determined (Sep. 2022) that there is a missing link between big cars and micro-mobility measures. He called it the "mini-mobility category" and predicted that this four-wheel category is going to be "The next big thing in urban mobility".

Of all mini-mobility vehicles exist today, City Transformer is the only vehicle that combines the best of two worlds – the maneuverability and the easy parking of a motorcycle with the safety, comfort and the performance of a car.

Many tried and are still trying to create the ultimate urban vehicle that combines the

advantages of both worlds, but fail. Mainly because their vehicle is too fast, too slow, or too complicated. The challenge to balance four-wheel narrow shape car in high speeds and in sharp turns, requires creativity, innovative technology and superb engineering.


Dr. Asaf Formoza, with his co-founder of City Transformer Udi Meridor, and the "spiritual father" of the famous Smart Car, Prof. Johann Tomforde, succeed to develop a revolutionary unique shape-shifting chassis, enables to balance a narrow vehicle in high speed and turns. This patented mechanism made the breakthrough for the development of the first and only transformable and adaptable urban EV vehicle that can change its width while driving. It can be transformed instantly from a fast balanced 1.4m wide car to a 1m narrow car that maneuver smoothly through heavy traffic and park easily in tiny spaces.

But City Transformer is more than just a transformable and adaptable vehicle. CT-1, the prototype of the City Transformer vehicle was awarded "Gold" by the German Design Council for its beautiful design. Also, the safety and comfort standards of future CT vehicles will be aligned with those of premium full-size cars.

City Transformer was already pre-ordered by many daily commuters who live in the suburbs of European big cities and by providers of urban shared fleets and rescue services.

So, when the extinction of big cars in cities will eventually arrive, City Transformer is going to revalidate the famous quote of Charles Darwin that “It is not the strongest that survive, nor the largest. The species that survives are those that are able best to adapt and adjust to the changing environment”


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