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Followed by thousands on their various social platforms, Fully Charged is the world’s number 1 clean energy & electric vehicle channel. Click to watch what they had to say about City Transformers’ CT-1!

As part of a feature on the Fully Charged Show, Jack Scarlett test-drove a prototype of the City Transformer CT-1 through the streets of Munich. This was his take on the CT-1:

“Powered by a patented shape-shifting chassis mechanism that allows you to reduce the width by a third, you can squeeze through gaps in traffic like a motorbike. The City Transformer might just be what we need to reclaim cities for pedestrians by replacing cars with something smaller and cleverer!”

The concept behind the City Transformer is that big two-ton five-seater cars aren't really suitable for urban transport, and they're also not really sustainable, so we need to go smaller and lighter. With the City Transformer, you can fit four vehicles into a space that would usually hold one car.

“I can do naught to 30 in five seconds, which is all you need in a city car.”

During the episode, Scarlett discussed the DC fast charging on the City Transformer, which is up to 14 kilowatts, but you can plug it into 50 or 100-kilowatt chargers quite safely. A feature that is new for this category of vehicle.

In regards to the shape-shifting chassis of the City Transformers, Scarlett said:

“This is no gimmick because the difference between a meter and a half and a meter is the difference between being able to squeeze through gaps in traffic and Skip cues and not.
“Giving that ability to a vehicle that also has a roof and a comfy heated seat and a reversing camera and parking sensors. That is a completely unique proposition that I think a lot of people will be very, very interested in.”

Jack summarized his experience - “I don’t know about you, but I'm already convinced that vehicles like this will play a huge part in our future.”

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