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Going Small - Going Smart!

How Modern Mini-Urban Vehicle Technology is Helping to Shape the Future of Car-Free & People-Friendly Cities

The automobile has been around for over a century and for the most part, it's been a very efficient mode of transportation. However, with the rise of smart electronic technologies, a new era of smart and sustainable mobility is emerging. It is time to rethink our approach to urban transportation.

Adaptable mini-electric urban vehicles are a perfect example of this new era of sustainable mobility. With their exceptionally small size, low running costs, and ability to be used as personal vehicles, shared vehicles, delivery vehicles, or even first responder vehicles, electric mini-vehicles are establishing their position as a viable alternative to traditional means of transportation and becoming increasingly popular with commuters and businesses alike.

Many people are familiar with the idea of electric cars, but what about mini-electric vehicles? What are their true advantages? Here are just a few:

1. Reducing urban carbon footprint

The main benefit of electric urban mini vehicles is that they are hyper-sustainable! They produce zero tailpipe emissions. This means no smog-producing pollutants are released into the atmosphere when these vehicles are in use, making them far better for the environment than traditional petrol or diesel-powered vehicles. As such, electric urban mini-vehicles have incredible potential to help cities reduce their carbon footprint while still providing a convenient transportation option for city dwellers.

2. Enhancing traffic flow and reducing noise pollution

In addition to reducing air pollution levels through decreased tailpipe emissions from ICE-powered car usage, another significant advantage of using electric urban mini vehicles is their silence which helps create a more peaceful atmosphere throughout city streets.

Having a smaller footprint on the road makes it much easier for drivers to maneuver through traffic, and significantly contributes to a smoother traffic flow pattern. With so little space needed compared to standard cars, sedans, or SUVs, these efficient mini-vehicles make urban travel so much more convenient.

3. Going further than you thought was possible

Electric cars have been around for a while now, but they've always been associated with large, expensive vehicles. The electric urban mini vehicle is changing all that.

Mini urban vehicles are able to travel increasingly further on a single charge, making them a great choice for urbanites who need to get around town or make their morning commute that much easier and hassle-free. For example, our City Transformer CT-1 has a battery pack that can last up to 180 km on a single charge. Not bad for a mini-vehicle the size of a motorcycle.

4. The solution to city parking

Mini urban vehicles have another significant added value - Parking! Designed for crowded city environments mini-urban vehicles fit easily into the smallest of parking spaces. Saving the user time and energy searching for a parking space in crowded urban areas.

When planning the City Transformer, we took the issue of parking seriously, creating an urban vehicle that can also park vertically to conserve space in those crowded city parking spots. Saving 80% in parking space and taking up only 25% of a standard parking space, mini urban vehicles like City Transformer can increase your chances of finding a perfect parking spot, even on the most traffic-jammed city streets. That's what you call a win-win situation - saving time and reducing the level of frustration in one go!

5. Smaller Yes! Less Comfort - No Way!

Who says going small means giving up on all the luxury big five-seaters offer? There are almost no exceptions when it comes to the number of people who are shocked by the amount of space inside a vehicle as small as a mini vehicle as a City Transformer.

Modern mini-urban vehicles deliver the highest level of comfort that does not fall short of full-size vehicles. You can expect and get practically everything you might expect to find in a luxurious SUV. Air conditioning, seat heating systems, electric windows, windscreen wipers, a fully customized dashboard panel and that’s just to name a few…

So... going smaller is a definite yes! But compromising on internal luxury and comfort - Not a chance!

When did cars become more important than the people who drive them?

It simply does not make any sense to continue taking up so much precious city space when 80 percent of commuters actually travel alone the majority of the time anyway - A radical change in concept is urgently needed.

“Literally Honey, I Shrunk the Car"

Big two-ton five-seater cars are just not suitable for traveling through tight city streets. We simply have to go smaller, lighter, and smarter in order to be more suitable for the future urban environment. The movement toward smaller and cleverer mini-urban vehicles that take up way less physical footprint, and allow drivers to squeeze through traffic gaps like motorbikes, drastically reduce parking lot space, and reclaim cities for pedestrians is undeniably the next generation of urban mobility.


The City Transformer represents the next generation of urban mobility, pioneering a new type of lightweight, multi-purpose, and environmentally friendly vehicle that smoothly transforms its width providing the freedom of seamless inner city rides in its 1-meter-wide form and smooth, traffic-free commuting in its sturdier 1.4-meter-wide option.

We are in the early stages of a new era of sustainable mobility. The transition to mini-vehicles is not a question of “if”, it is one that is essential to our long-term survival and quality of life.

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