City Transformer: driving the future


We reinvented the car as you know it to adapt to the changing landscape of urban living and to meet the needs of modern citizens around the world.  The City Transformer concept combines a number of unique features.

  • The first “foldable” car that can shrink its wheel-width

  • A two-seater light electric car - a quadricycle

  • Has the ability to fold into the parking space of a motorcycle.

  • The patented folding mechanism built into the platform

  • Offers the feel and safety of driving a car with a platform width of 1.6 meters in drive mode

  • Seamlessly folds its platform to 1 meter, the width of a motorcycle in parking mode, at a push of a button within one meter of driving

  • Speed up to 90km/h in drive mode and 40km/h in park mode

  • Four vehicles able to park in one car-parking space 

  • Environmental friendly electric battery powered

  • Closed body to give true feeling of a car