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The City Transformer is the the world's 1st  all-electric transformable and adaptable mini vehicle that reshapes the future of urban mobility.

Experience electric vehicle that changes its width as you drive, so you can easily Drive Through the Narrowest City Streets and Park in the Smallest Spaces!

The CT-1 is an all-electric micro car designed for commuting: low energy consumption and running costs and an outstanding driving experience. Cruise through the city and increase the vehicle width while driving to reach top speeds of up to 90 km/hr.

​Don't miss out on our 10% pre-order discount offer and unlock an additional 300 € off your final price!

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Cutting-edge technology -
adjust the vehicle width while driving

With its state-of-the-art switch technology, the CT-1 can reduce the vehicle width from 1.4m to 1m by simply pressing a button. 

Saves money & time - up to 180 km on a single charge

The City Transformer takes you from A to B while saving costs and time.

Made for commuting - for 1 or 2 adults

The logical choice for urbanists and for everyone who needs a second vehicle.

Super easy parking - 80% savings in parking space

4 City Transformers can park in 1 standard parking space. It uses 50% less parts than a standard electric car.

German Innovation Design Award ’22 Gold. - winning award logo that City Transformer won
European Product Design - winning award logo that City Transformer won
Mind Shifter - winning award logo that City Transformer won
ABC Best of Best ’22 - winning award logo that City Transformer won
CORE77 Design Awards - winning award logo that City Transformer won



Prof. Johann Tomforde

The father of the Smart car

“City Transformer leads urban mobility to a smarter path.”

'Car Maniac' Review

"Why has no one thought of it until now? It solves so many problems"

Herbert Dias

Former CEO of VW

"Quite a stunning product concept"

'Fully Charged' Review

"The difference between a meter and a half and a meter, is the difference between being able to squeeze through gaps and traffic and skip the queues or not". 


If making the world a better and cleaner place and our cities more environmentally friendly, safe, and congestion-free is important to you - join us and become an owner of a City Transformer


The City Transformer will be available at the current launch price for a limited time only. 

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